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Kaspersky Login

How to register to your Kaspersky Account for the very first time?

If you are registering to your Kaspersky account for the very first time, then follow these easy set of instructions. 

Step1. Begin the process of registration of Kaspersky Account, by opening the internet browser. 

Step 2. Input the web address “my.kaspersky.com” in the browser’s Address bar.

Step 3. On the homepage of Kaspersky, tap the “Sign Up” tab that you will see in the header band of the page.

Step 4. Fill in all the details that are required for the purpose of Kaspersky Account Creation. The details that you need to enter are explained below. 

  • Email Address- Type in the email address that you want to link with the Kaspersky account.
  • Password: input a very strong and unique password that has not been used before in any other account. Make sure that the password should fulfill all the prerequisites that are mentioned on this page.  
  • Re-Enter Password: You are supposed to type in the same password as mentioned in the above field accurately. 

Step 5. Tap the link of “Privacy Policy” to read the document thoroughly. Given consent that you agree to all the terms and conditions select the checkbox next to it. 

Step 6. To confirm the details entered for account creation tap the “Create Account” tab.

Step 7. You will receive a verification email on the email address that you have mentioned above. 

Step 8. Open the mail, click the “Verify my mail” tab to give the permission that you have verified all the details and you want to proceed to conclude the process of account creation. 

How to access the Kaspersky Login Account?

kaspersky login

Step 1. Reach the official site of Kaspersky by entering the URL “my.kaspersky.com” in the address bar.

Step 2. On the homepage, click the “Kaspersky Sign In” tab. Trace this tab in the middle of the homepage. 

Step 3. The Kaspersky Logi window opens on your computer screen. 

Step 4. In the same window, enter the email address and password that you have created at the time of creating a Kaspersky account.

Step 5. There is yet another method to login to your Kaspersky account. You can do so by linking the Kaspersky account with your Facebook account. 

Step 6. Now, if you want to save the Kaspersky email address and password through which you logged in to your account. In that case, you have to select the checkbox “Remember me for 30 days”. It is recommended if you are using a shared computer or laptop don’t save your login credentials in that situation. 

Step 7. At last, click the blue “Sign In” tab in order to conclude with the process of Kaspersky Login. 


Ans. Follow the steps to reset your forgotten Kaspersky login password.

  • * Visit the official webpage of Kaspersky. You can do so by typing the URL “my.kaspersky.com”.
  • * In the following window, tap “Sign In”.
  • * On the Kaspersky Login window, search for the “Forgot your password? link and then click on it. For this link, you have to look at the very bottom of the login window.
  • * With this, the Reset Password window opens on your computer screen. Here, you have to enter the registered email address. Add the email address and tap “Continue”. 
  • * The email will be sent to the email address that you have provided above. 
  • * Open the Reset Password window and generate a new password. Enter the password twice in separate fields. 
  • Tap “Generate Password” and complete the process.

Ans. My Kaspersky account is used to protect your computing device from viruses, malware, trojans, etc. With the help of this account, we can avail of various benefits offered by Kaspersky. 

Ans. Some of the features are: 

  • * With the help of it, you can easily manage all the Kaspersky applications that are installed earlier. 
  • * Along with this, it provides complete security to your children while surfing online. 
  • * Stores your personal information such as email address, mobile number and so on.